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As a retail technician, I will teach you how to work and look professional in front of customers. Learn the wide directional push (WDP) with soft shapes (wood, leather wraps, plastics, etc.) to start the dent, then finish with raw steel when pressure is released.

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Paintless Dent Removal video training is great because the rewind button means better retention and you won't miss a thing.
Beware of any hands-on training or video where the instructor himself cannot do large damage, as the market has changed.

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Students from all over the world are learning this skill from beginners to veterans who want to learn a disciplined approach to large damage.

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Learn why paintless dent removal is not drilling holes, inserting small rods and randomly pushing behind a dent. I teach simple principles of old world dent repair refined for paintless dent removal. If you have the patience and the will to learn this skill I can teach you how to understand and apply proven techniques that unwaver when difficult jobs present themselves. With time, the correct knowledge and lots of practice, you'll have a new career.

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No doubt this is a very difficult skill to learn and since the variable of difficulty can change dramatically there is no pdr secret short cuts or easy upstart videos that will magically get you started. Learning this art quickly can land you in used cars lots with impossible to break bad habits for years struggling to make a living.

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I know how to begin at the bottom. Struggling with auctions and dealers until I reached autobody quality. It was tough to leave the money and respect. But you have to.....in order to reach retail heaven.

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Retail quality Paintless dent removal training is what I teach. I prove my knowledge in focused photos and check out my youtube videos (www.youtube.com/dentexperts) where I give advice.

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The above pictures of positioned steel is the fundamental platform from where I teach PDR or the reshaping of a metal surface. Ask me about what these pictures mean and you'll know how to test other instructors with good questions. My course teaches how to make the tools for pennies on the dollar, which also is a vital skill when confronted with dents in a variety of positions.

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Recently I placed 3rd at the 2011 Dent Olympics, an interntional competition held at the Mobile Tech Expo, the annaul event was held this year in Corpus Christi, Texas.

I get many TESTOMONIAL emails from students who learn from this course, but here's a few that really explains it well.

Sal, Thankyou. After I watched Session #3, I wanted to scream. My wife was sitting in the office with me and saw me put my hands over my face and shake my head violently. She asked me what was wrong. I had gotten to the part where you talked about using rubber hammers to relieve pressuere around the dent and how you just make more depressions and make more work for yourself. Well, guess what? That's right. Anyway, I can see I am going to have to rethink some things about my approach. Not that I'm doing a whole lot of things wrong, but reading the dent and studying pressures and ridges and lows and most of all, directions. I'm still getting decent results, but I think it's time to re-evaluate my fundamentals. After fifteen years, you can teach an old dog some new tricks. That slap hammer intrigues me. I can't wait to make one and try it. And a flat bar! Thanks again, Bruce @ Ding_______ Bellingham, WA

Hi Sal,
I did a 5 day course and it was a good introduction really as you cant learn it in a week. I dont really think it covered enough the use of softer tools as well as your course. I think what has been iluminating in your training is pushing with softer tools / wood / leather etc and then finishing off with sharper tools. Your course really makes you think about what your doing and why. It now makes sense to make tools that get you into the correct place. Also being able to go back on the dvd is great & your description of how to access the dents on the door is invaluable as well as removing trim. I just think its a real complete training course which makes you realize your are learning a real trade/art.
Many thanks. Dave C.
United Kingdom

G'day there Sal,
I hope all is well and business is keeping you busy. I thought I 'd touch base with you and let you know that I really enjoyed the DVD's. I have watch sessions 1, 2 and 3 thoroughly and several times, I have also been taking notes on sessinons 1 and 2 and need to watch session 3 again and take notes for that session. Just like my PDR your DVD's just keep getting better ha ha.I couldnt help my self and watched sessions 4 and a couple of days ago session 5 and man It was a joy to watch and I learnt a lot. For me your DVD's have been the best means of learning. You might remember last time I told you that I was going over to Victoria to do some 1 on 1 with an instructor, well I got back 2 weeks ago and did nearly 5 days with him. It was good but I was expecting more out of it and I have to say I am a bit disappointed with the training after flying to other side of the country. I will say this though and its what I tell my mates when they ask how it went,I say it was neccesasary and it was like a key that unlocked what PDR is all about and how accurate you have to be with all your pushes. That was a big lesson.So after self teaching my self , then some 1 on 1 trainning and now with your Dent Expert DVD's I have taken out my first dent 100%, undetectable and I am stoked.
Ok mate I sometimes ramble on a bit so for now I'll say a big thanks and much appreciated, if I make it over to the U.S I owe you lunch and a few Buds.
Best Regards Wayne G.

I just wanted to thank you for the dvd course. I have watched all 5 dvd's now and I am very impressed with the amount of information you have provided. I have also bought 2 other dvd courses and yours is by far the best. You have provided me with the information that I need to become a great PDR tech. At this point I know it is up to me to apply the principles, techniques and practice practice practice. No one elce says anything in there courses about making there own tools and you show detailed tool making. This alone was worth buying the dvd's for. I'm currently studying natural reflection and working on a practice hood. I'm also trying to make at least 1 tool a day. I'm totally stoked after watching your dvd's and can't wait for session 6. I also wanted to say thank you for answering the emails I have sent and for talking with me on the phone. Thanks for helping me start my new career.
Doug Green TN..USA

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Dear Visitor,
Paintless dent training has a bad reputation. Over my 18 years as a dent removal technician I have met quite a few guys with stories of dent training schools with high tuition costs and expensive tools. The usual story is once the student came home and tried to work in the market, the intense two or three weeks of training still could not prepare him for the real world variety of dents he faced. After destroying a dent or two in front of an irate customer, the tools are put on a shelf where they are hanging today. Once you fail at paintless dent removal, it is very hard to gain confidence in a market or community that always remembers your dent repair MISTAKES.

Paintless dent training instructors are usually top technicians in their community.........you hope. A dent repair technician who commands many dealership accounts in a market can sometimes be the worst dent training instructor. Why? Dealerships are selling cars, not falling in love with them. They are trying to keep costs down on each car, therefore they tend to use the cheapest dent repair companies. Remember, if the dent removal is not done perfectly, the slight waves or ripples are hardly noticed by an unsuspecting buyer. When you are trained by a technician working used car lots you will be trained to work in used cars lots. Sounds good.......but that is where 99% of all PDR technicians work. They compete against each other for the lowest price to the dealers delight.

My experience in the used and new market was a stepping stone to the lucrative retail market, I always practiced perfection and consistently took on the bigger more challenging dents repairs in order to get all the experience on their dime. I did not concentrate on how fast I could remove a dent, I just tried to figure out how to remove dents the same way they were made.

I made the big step to throw out all the knowledge about paintless dent removal I learned and the dent training I received from other people. As a 12 year carpenter I decided to use specific species of wood and leather over steel instead of sharp steel tools to begin a dent. This decision changed my livelihood with Paintless dent removal. I still use many traditional dent removal tools, but I alter them to fit my techniques and make all of them from raw steel off the shelf. Learning this art is not so much about the tools as it is about how to use them. All dents are uniquely positioned with multi directional crevices that if not pushed out correctly, you will beat it up so bad that it is easier to abort the repair. The videos will teach you how to make tools and become familiar with fabrication, when you know how to make and alter tools upfront you will know what you need to buy when it's time.

Paintless dent training by DVD is a great way to learn PDR. Why? Because most truly great technicians are in the field making lots of money and are too valuable and justifiably too expensive to spend 6 months to a year training someone they do not know. If they give you two or three weeks of dent removal training riding in the truck along side of them, a student gets a great view of a top technician in the field. So what...............how does that help the student? Sure he may give you a dent or two to practice on, or show you lots of techniques you cannot possibly remember or apply 3 weeks later on the same dent, but a different car, different panel, etc. I know all this, because I was that instructor charging $5000 a month for a 3 month course. A student would ride in my truck 8 to 10 hours a day, watching every move I made. After 3 months he was not me and he could not take a middle size dent out to perfection. I gave it up for the simple reason I was convinced that no person can absorb many years of experience in two or three weeks. Dvd training is more about giving you the knowledge of what to do at each stage and what mistakes to avoid. Not only do you get to watch me take out very difficult dents out, I show you all my tools and how to make most of them. You can buy plenty of tools out there, but knowing how to fabricate your own will help you adjust your tools to the job. I do that everyday as a tech and that skilll is vital in PDR. There is much more to explain that I can't cover here, but beware of one on one training as you need instruction from a retail tech who shows you his work, not his dealerships accounts.

The age of email videos and DVD burning can now bring knowledge to your brain with a rewind button at your fingertips. The critical element in learning Paintless Dent Repair by DVD or pdr DVd training is the qualifications of the instructor. I am a true Master Technician...............How can I make this statement and verify it? The size and complexity of damage I take on a daily basis is one true test for any instructor (my work). The best test is simple and one you can demand through email from anyone who is offering paintless dent training through DVD or pdr classes. The video camera is an incredible instrument in verifying whether a dent repair is done clean or not. Critical is the panning of the camera over the surface allowing hard edge reflections in the paint to pass over the repaired area. Asking this of any technician or paintless dent training instructor will make them shudder in their shoes. Cameras can not lie and why not use this test to save yourself lots of money and frustration.

I created this DVD course with a legacy in mind. I can remove complex dents with these techniques that I have developed over 20 years. I want to share this knowledge for a reasonable price with loyal students who want to work in the retail market and want to become a respectable paintless dent removal technician.

Good luck and much success.


Dvd video pdr training is in following countries; United kingdom, Canada, Belgium, Brazil, Singapore, Hungary, Romania, Australia, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Chile, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Japan, Poland, Israel, Estonia, Maldova, and many more to come. Welcome.